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As a teen, figuring out social dynamics can be difficult, especially as you move into high school and experience all of the changes that adolescence brings to your mind, body and emotions.

You might feel increasingly unsure of yourself in social situations, especially if you sense that your old friendship are drifting apart or if you have begun dating for the first time.

It is common for teens to sometimes feel worthless, weird or broken, especially if they have faced bullying.

Some teens develop symptoms of anxiety or depression due to teen social issues.

Or, perhaps you have always been shy or content to be on the outside of social groups, but now you want the relationships that you see your peers enjoying.

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You may just feel confused and overwhelmed by the challenges of being yourself, finding friends who care and developing healthy relationships.You may feel that therapy can help you with teen social issues, but have questions or concerns…The law requires that your parent or guardian accompany you to your first session in order to give permission for treatment.Many teens face dating violence without realizing it, so, if you feel unsure or unsafe in your own relationship, I can help you better understand the common behaviors of a controlling or abusive girlfriend or boyfriend and offer the support you need to leave a potentially dangerous situation.I have a great deal of experience working with teen social issues, including working with teen social skills groups.

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